Tuesday, 30 March 2010

[NEW] Yusuf Azak - 'Eastern Sun' and 'Time to Kill'

I've been a big fan of Yusuf Azak's two releases, 'Light Procession' and 'Gazelle' (both available for free download). Here are two previews of his new tracks 'Eastern Sun' and 'Time to Kill'. The latter features lush string arrangements with Azak's token rasping voice only just peeking through the wall of sound which erupts in euphoric waves of sound. 'Eastern Sun' features skillful guitar plucking, which is more in key with his previous releases but also demonstrates the originality and progress this young songwriter has made in such a short space of time.

The tracks will be featured on the Aberdonian-by-way-of-Glasgow's debut album, due for release this year. These tracks further excitement for it.

He is supporting Meursault at their Glasgow album launch on the 10th at Captain's Rest.

Yusuf Azak - Eastern Sun

Yusuf Azak - Time to Kill

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