Thursday, 11 March 2010

[INTERVIEW] Hooded Fang

Toronto's Hooded Fang released their excellent self titled E.P in 2007 and we haven't heard much from them (in terms of new releases) since. I caught up with them to see how their debut album was getting on, what their influences are, and discuss the Canadian music scene.

You guys haven't released much of anything since your E.P in 2008, what's been happening?
Intrigue, 30 rock, hibernation. New Tracey Morgan inspired full-length coming out SOON!!

How is the debut getting on?
Pretty good. Our roommates are sick of it. All them mixin' sessions.

How did you all of you meet?
Space camp. ZOOMBA!

Who influences you guys?
POW! WAP! BAM! Disco D, Doo Wop, old school Hip-Hop beats, Buddy Holly.

What were some of your favourite releases of 2009?
Timber Timbre, Smith Westerns, Weather Station, Nobunny, Pangea (LA), Young Governor, Crystal Stilts, Major Lazer, Times Neue Roman, The Magic.

Canada seems to have such a healthy music scene in terms of open mindedness and quality. Why do you think this is?
Poutine, good peeps, maple syrup, Winter and Good Music Series': Wavelength, No Shame, Elvis Mondays, Over the Top Fest.

Can you recommend any good Canadian bands?
See above, and also add tonkapuma, Hut, Spiral Beach, The Miles, Weather Weather, Sean Nicholas Savage, The Bicycles, Slim Twig, Calm Down Its Monday, Lightmares.

I really like the artwork on your e.p. Who did it?
It was mail order! Supervised by Vanessa from Montreal and Dan in the band.

If music is not your full time job, what do you guys do to make ends meet?
Smart secret things, write musicals, act in plays, teach little kids, organize concerts and become Masters of the Universe.

Hooded Fang - Highway Steam

Hooded Fang - Fall Leaves

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  1. I really like how the cover looks like. I have to buy that album. I really bad when it is about album covers. It is the album soul.