Thursday, 11 March 2010

[MP3] The ABC Club - 'Get Set Go'

If urgent indie pop in the same vein as Sky Larkin is your kind of thing, then look no further than the Halifax 5-piece The ABC Club. With racing guitars, driving drums and punchy basslines, The ABC Club are a perfect remedy for most of the miserable stuff I usually post on here. Zandra Klievens' patient, sometimes warbling vocals make them come across as part female Morrisey and part 4AD bands of the early nineties.

New 7" single 'Thieving Magpie' is out via Rough Trade, iTunes and that place with all those adverts, Spotify, now.

The ABC Club - Get Set Go [MP3]

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  1. Gorgeous band...saw them three years ago in Leeds when almost noboy knew them and wow!