Tuesday, 16 March 2010

[INTERVIEW] Fang Island

Brooklyn 5-piece Fang Island released their debut last month, it hasn't been off my rotation since with it's feel good sound, soaring guitar riffs and harmonies. I sat down with them to talk about their influences, fictional scenes, dancing hipsters and Point Break.

HF@D; You've just released your self titled debut, it sounds to me a bit like Animal Collective raping Rainbow/Journey/Van Halen with some Thrash beatdowns thrown in. How would you describe your sound and which bands have influenced you?

FI; We are mainly influenced by friendships, summer, beach parties, fireworks, bop-it, rochester garbage plates, CRT's (culturally relevant textiles), and Michelle Tanner from Full House.

HF@D; You're a Brooklyn band, is there a scene for bands like you there?

FI; Yes, check out Bare Naked Gentleman, Iamtheshaman, Bloody Blunts, High School Hugs, and Satan's Freak.

HF@D; What is the secret to getting hipsters to dance?

F.I; Sorry, that is a secret recipe.

HF@D; Andrew W.K hosted your album launch night. How did that come about? Has he given you an inspirational talk yet?

F.I; He has been a hero to us for a long time, and ended up singing on our record. Listening to The Wolf is an inspirational talk to us all!

HF@D; You're playing SXSW then going on a pretty extensive tour. Is this your first time at the festival?

F.I; Yes. It is!

HF@D; The video for Daisy features former presidents, a lucha libre with a flag, some campy dancers and two weird looking creatures. Do they represent anything?

F.I; Everything in the video was a reference to Point Break. Everyone huddled around the piano at the end is a perfect representation of our band.

HF@D; Any plans to come to Britain?

F.I; If you book it, they will come.

HF@D; High five?

F.I; Two handed high five!!!!

Fang Island - Daisy

Fang Island - Life Coach

Fang Island is out now via Sargent House

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