Monday, 15 February 2010

HF@D Presents... Scottish Compilation Volume 1

Music in Scotland is extremely healthy at the moment, not enough people realise that. To demonstrate the caliber of up and coming bands in Scotland I've compiled a free and legal album to download. As well as home-based bands, it features Scottish bands based elsewhere (Spaghetti Anywhere, King Post Kitsch), established Scottish bands (Meursault, eagleowl, Copy Haho), some exclusives (The Last Battle, How To Swim, Kays Lavelle) and some bands I just think are great. Stick these 17 tracks in your ears, and remember, most of the bands have an album or an e.p available, so try and support the artists. A big thanks to all the bands for agreeing to be on it.

Download album here (zip. file via Mediafire)

Track Listing
Spaghetti Anywhere- Super Special
Meursault- The Furnace
The Last Battle- Oh Best Beloved.
Mitchell Museum - Tiger Heartbeat
How To Swim - Diego
The Kays Lavelle - The Hours
Copy Haho - Pulling Push Ups
Julia and The Doogans - New York City
The French Wives - Your Friends and Mine
Randolph's Leap - Cassie O'Tone
eagleowl - Laughter
Debutant - King Of Doublespeak
Ambulances - Cease To Exist (Steven Mason Remix)
King Post Kitsch - Fante's Last Stand
Incrediboy and The Forget Me Nots - Cinderella
Miniature Dinosaurs - (I Want To Watch) Top Gear
The French Quarter - Time To Leave


  1. Nice little list that... Did somethign similar recently on my blog... which is here should you feel like checking it out...

  2. Thank you! One important name is missing for me though - Light Guides, Glasgow band. Have you heard their stuff? I have come up to Scotland twice just to see them ! : -)

  3. Lovely compilation!

  4. Nice compilation! FANTASTIC cover art! Grape job all around! Really enjoy Meursault in particular

  5. Thanks for the recopilation. I have never listened scottish music. But it is good to try something different time to time.

  6. Hello, i think that this post is very good, i would like to read more about it

  7. I usually go to a Scottish music bar in the town of my city , this band is one of the best one, thanks for the track list

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  9. What do you mean by music being healthy?