Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Unwinding Hours - The Unwinding Hours.

Aereogramme have an extremely loyal cult following in Scotland. It’s hard to go to an indie rock gig in Edinburgh or Glasgow and not bump into someone wearing a ten year old Aereogramme t-shirt. Their fans stayed loyal as their sound softened, and then they suddenly disbanded in 2007. Those loyal fans can breathe a sign of relief – or yelp of excitement – as vocalist Craig B and multi-instrumentalist Iain Cook have paired up as The Unwinding Hours.

Opening track ‘Knut’ is an epic, yet slow burning post-rock classic. Building up from timid vocals, slow drums, swirling guitar and piano to a full-blown crescendo of noise and earnest vocals. With quiet to loud dynamics being Aereogramme’s forte, The Unwinding Hours are perhaps a more restrained version of that. ‘There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone’ demonstrates the maturity adopted by the band, starting of as a heartfelt lament with lush strings which are replaced later in the song with spectral guitars and heavy distortion. ‘Solstice’ witnesses Craig B’s lyrical ability at it’s very best, it is also shows how The Unwinding Hours are a completely new band, rather than Aereogramme Mk II. The simple guitar/piano/vocal combination again demonstrates the maturity behind this album, when before the pair may have tried to over-complicated songs.

The Unwinding Hours also has its pop moments, with ‘Peaceful Liquid Cell’ veering into that territory, with its repetitive hooks complimented by dark synth effects.

Closing track ‘The Final Hour’ was written on Aereogramme’s final US tour and definitely indicates that The Unwinding Hours is a new chapter, rather than a continuation. Although the new incarnation is not a million miles away from its predecessor, it is definitely uniquely its own, often eclipsing its previous chapter. Aereogramme is dead. Long live The Unwinding Hours.

Originally written for The Line Of Best Fit


  1. Awesome review! Kind of really want to check out The Unwinding Hours as well as Aerogramme now (I love the quintessentially British spelling of that by the way). Side note, couldn't help but notice how good your prose is on this review in particular...not that you don't always do a good job!

  2. Thanks! I'm getting used to writing, so hopefully I can just learn to make stuff flow a bit better. Learning by doing. :)