Sunday, 11 April 2010

[Scandinavian Sundays] The Forest & The Trees

The Forest & The Trees

Stockholm based song-smith Joel Edin has a history of pairing up with women close to him. His previous project, The Tupelo Honeys, was just him and his sister Linn. Now he has teamed up with his wife Linnea in the form of The Forest & The Trees. Lush harmonies, thunderous drums, yet enough sincerity and subtlety to make them endearing, has got me hooked on their debut single 'To The Forest! (I Need Some Peace)'. Look out for it's release via ILL FIT, who have also signed one of my favourite Scottish acts, There Will Be Fireworks. Keep and eye out for the release of their self-titled debut, you won't want to miss it, trust me.

The Forest & The Trees - To The Forest! (I Need Some Peace) by ILL FIT

The Forest & The Trees - Escape by ILL FIT

Stream the album in full here

(thanks to @richthane)

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