Monday, 26 April 2010

[GIG] Peenko vs. Ayetunes at Captain's Rest

If you are not doing much this Friday you should pop down to Captain's Rest for Peenko vs. Ayetunes. The gig will feature the synthy madness of Mitchell Museum, the poppy greatness of Kid Canaveral and the rocky sonicness of Campfires in Winters. The latter promise to do some covers of one band with a type of scared animal in their name, and one band named after a hotel for dairy products.

Tickets are £4 in advance and £5 on the door. So it is well worth it. Peenko, Jim and I may even give you a three-way hug if you are unlucky. Starts at 8pm.

Afterwards you can go and watch Lloyd from Peenko DJ at The Flying Duck for 'Pinup Nights'. He will probably just play N-Dubz over and over again so if you want to listen to some decent DJs then don't fret because Nick from Radar, Ed from 17 Seconds, Glasgow Podcart folk and The Pop Cop will be also spinning some tunes for your enjoyment.



  1. what's an N Dubz? and how do I play one?

  2. Sorry, when I said N-Dubz I meant 'something culturally relevant before 1988 so that grandpapa will understand it'.