Sunday, 18 April 2010

[CHECKING IN] Going to make more time for something I love.

I don't understand how some Scottish music folk find the time to write, organise and promote all the wonderful things they do. Now, I'm not going to indulge myself in a self-indulgent moan, as this is more of an apology. I feel I have neglected this wee bloggy and it is looking back at me all sad and withered. I'm still averaging 2 or 3 gigs a week, which I feel is essential as there is nothing more hypocritical than folk trying to help bands and a music scene and then never go to shows. Yet, I know I've not been writing/helping out bands as much as I would like to as I'm just knackered all the time. Working 28-plus hours on top of 20-plus university hours is pretty fucking exhausting. I also now understand why most bloggers and the likes are in their 30's, as the constant pressure of pleasing your copious groups of needy friends is also hard; 'aw, Ian, but there is like this pure banging tidy bird going tonight, I need you to wingman the shit out of me and talk about Balzac or something to impress her. Essentially, you are the teasing horse and I am the breeding stallion ready to swoop in after you have riled her up'. Great! Then there is the personal stuff. After going through a shit time you don't really feel much like writing about some 7" that you think is 'just alright'. But I shouldn't bother at all if I'm only going to half-ass it. So things need to change.

I have to say I really admire and take my fucking hat off to folk like Lloyd from Peenko, Matthew from Song, By Toad, Will from Define Pop (goes to more shows than anyone I've ever met), Jim from Ayetunes (although, he has plenty of fucking time on his hands), Portis Wasp, Elba Sessions team, the Detour Scotland folk, all of whom put a whole load into promoting Scottish music. I really do salute them loads as they will no doubt sacrifice a lot of things to be as good as they are. There is some blogger hubris going on with some folk, which is tedious, but in general Scottish music and correlating media-outlets are in a really healthy way. Which is great.

Now, here is the plan. I've got some stuff in the pipe-line which is dead exciting, but I'll hold off on announcing it just now. I'm going to try to post once or twice a day, and I promise not to neglect my little blog any longer. I still write for the The Line of Best Fit and focus mostly on Scottish music, which hopefully will give some bands a bit more exposure as the site probably gets more hits than all Scottish blogs put together, or something like that. The internet confuses me. Nodes and porn. Nodes and porn. Also, a new A Glass Of Scotch Compilation is coming very soon.

Aye, so basically, sorry for being shit lately. I'm going to rectify this. Pound it, peace, have fun at dinner.

Billy Bragg - To Have And To Have Not


  1. The trick is to juggle fucking time and writing time.

  2. What happens if all your time is fucking time?

    The girls seem to love the cut of my jibb!

  3. Do them from behind, with a keyboard on their back. Multitask for fuck sake!