Monday, 25 January 2010

When Is This Vampire Thing Going To End?

Can't sleep so I had my iPod on shuffle and weirdly three songs in a row were connected by the biggest craze at the moment; vampires. I tried to, but I can't escape them.

I don't like the T.V programmes/books/films, but I do like the music inspired by the pasty Transylvanian guys. So here are the three songs.

Say Hi wrote a whole album about them back in 2007, 'Impeccable Blahs', a great piece of home recorded indie-pop.

Say Hi - Sweet Sweet Heartkiller

I don't even know what a Vampire Attendant is. Is it that band who sound like Paul Simon?!

Virgin Of The Birds - Ilona, You Should Still Be My Vampire Attendant

I can't knock anything which brings about a song as great as this (from my indie crush) can I? You win this time, Twilight.

Lykke Li - Possibility


  1. Vampire movies and vampire fashion is never going to end, from time to time a new movie or a new book is released.

  2. so many histories about bloodsuckers, and all then are good...except one...and you know what is, yeah to me the disgrace of the vampire movies, Twighlight, this is the worst vampire movie in the all the world.