Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New 'Magnetic Fields' Stream.

The Magnetic Fields are one of the most elusive yet prolific indie bands of the last 20 years. They mark their third album in their 'no-synth trilogy' with 'Realism' on the 26th of Jan. Although it is in the same trilogy as 'Distortion' I feel the album has several moments that would not be out of place on their seminal '69 Love Songs'. 'You Must Be Out Of Your Mind' and 'I Don't Know What To Say' are two of these tracks, with exclusive streams available here.

I will let the tracks do the talking as Merritt and co. so often choose to do;

The Magnetic Fields - You Must Be Out Of Your Mind

The Magnetic Fields - I Don't Know What To Say

Pre-order the album via Nonesuch Records


  1. YES! So fab! Ian you are totes the best. Oh man I can't wait for Realism. This sounds great. *gushes*

    Anyway, my fave MF songs are probably Book Of Love and Papa Was A Rodeo [because I'm a sucker for country], but really most anything off 69 Love Songs, especially the first 1/3.

  2. My favorite MF song is without a doubt All My Little Words. I'm a sucker for a banjo! Thanks for the sweet stream!!

  3. Personally I like Yeah! Oh Yeah!

    Because I am a sucker for spousal homicide.

  4. Yes. I want The Book Of Love played for my first dance at my wedding.

    All My Little Words is amazing too. Banjo = life.

  5. All the banjo just makes me SO happy. Like Reno Dakota. That song is hilarious.

    I also love Yeah! Oh Yeah!

    The great thing about MF is that Stephin Merritt makes really depressing songs hilarious. That is the magic! MAGIC