Thursday, 7 January 2010


The U.S seems to be full of preppy bands writing perfect pop songs (Beach House, Grizzly Bear, Real Estate, Vampire Weekend), yet one new band seems to be crafting tunes as good as anyone, and that band is California's Princeton.

The bands first single proper 'Calypso Gold' indicates a pop band not content with following the norm. Deep vocals break the recent trend of falsettos and the instrumentation is rich and swirling with violins uplifting the chorus to a fantastic crescendo of sickly pop. The bittersweet lyrics such as"she'll never see me again" take a backseat as the tight rhythm section are so good they distract you from anything else.

If Princeton can follow up this single with more of the same, they could really be a band to contend with.

'Calypso Gold' video (small intro before the actual song);

'Calypso Gold' is out on 7" on 18 Jan via Rough Trade

Check when they are touring, and a few other of their songs at their myspace.

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