Thursday, 7 January 2010

Folkin' Hell #1 - The Boy Who Trapped The Sun

Folk music has seen somewhat of a resurgence in the Scottish music scene of late, with successful bands (Frightened Rabbit, Meursault, Broken Records) integrating the genre into their music. This has paved the way for more traditional folk artists.

In this edition I am looking at the young folk artist Colin Macleod who performs under the moniker of The Boy Who Trapped The Sun.

Originating from the remote Isle Of Lewis, Macleod plays timid and touching folk songs, with his smooth and heartfelt vocals being his best asset. He released his 'Watermark E.P' last year and has another E.P, 'Home', scheduled for this year.

Currently supporting the likes of Lisa Mitchell and Joshua Radin, it is evident Macleod has already made his mark on the international mainstream folk scene. Not bad for a young lad from the Outer Hebrides.

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun - Fragile Eyes

Download the track for free by signing up to the Boy Who Trapped The Sun mailing list.

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun - There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

Download it here. (Right click and 'Save Link As' for you internet dummies)

Check out his headlining dates and dates supporting Joshua Radin and Lisa Mitchell here.


  1. Quite liking the cover version.

  2. loved the EP, looking forward to the album. Good shout that man

  3. I like this. sounds like a mellower beerjacket.

  4. I like the song thanks for sharing. I love the song fragile eyes...

  5. folk music is amazing, ne theme that runs through the great period of scholarly traditional song collection is the tendency of certain members of the "folk", who were supposed to be the object of study, to become scholars and advocates themselves.

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