Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New The Knife - Colouring of Pigeons

The Knife have just released their newest offer fairly unexpectedly. Colouring of Pigeons is the first track to come from the Swedish bands Darwin inspired Opera Tomorrow, In a Year and if this track is anything to go by the musical is going to blow everyone away.

Never shy of experimentation, the 11 minute track builds up gradually, starting with tribal drums, then leading to bird-like vocals, then it leads to male vocals and then female operatic vocals. It is a pretty intense listen but you wouldn't expect anything less from the duo. Gone are the synth pans and hooks that they are well known for, with the track swirling and climaxing in a crescendo of violins.

If the track doesn't impress you enough, then here are some clips from their Darwin inspired electro-Opera, it is definitely very 'out there';

Tomorrow, In a Day is released digitally on Feb 2nd and in stores March 9. Finally an album for us evolutionists!


CD 1
6.Ebb Tide Explorer
7.Variation of Birds
8.Letter to Henslow
9.Schoal Swarm Orchestra

CD 2
1.Annie’s Box
3.Colouring of Pigeons
5.Tomorrow in a Year
6.The Height of Summer

Bonus track
7.Annie’s Box (alt. vocal)

Download the track here.


  1. I wonder who does the female vocals, sounds very Cocorosie to me.

  2. Has the knife ever done anything i do not adore? Non. This album is going to be awesome probably definitely.
    Also, Yyou should do a Behind the Mask feature on whether Karin and Olof are hot.