Monday, 15 November 2010

Hooded Fang - Hooded Fang

I have been listening to a lot of pop-leaning-indie at the moment. I suppose I am kind of the whole 'hipper than thou' rhetoric adopted by a whole load of blogs just now and it is refreshing just to put on a nice pop record. You might recall I did a wee interview with Hooded Fang and they were saying the album was coming along nicely. That is has as the album has turned out to be a wonderful collection of perfect pop songs. The singer's voice reminds me of a happier Stephen Merritt which I feel really pulls me to the songs. It swerves away from being too twee that the songs become sickly and there is always substance and meat to each song. There is also a really nice feeling about the album as a whole as the ebb and flow of the songs seems to bode really well in juxtaposition to the cold Scottish weather outside my window.

It's always nice when you have been waiting for an album from a band since their debut E.P and it really delivers. A perfect remedy for all those bands with a colour followed by an animal for their name adhering to some flash in the pan genre.

Hooded Fang - Laughing

Hooded Fang - Promise Land

Buy Hooded Fang via Bandcamp.

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