Sunday, 21 November 2010

[MP3] Johnny Reb - Emile (Part One)

In the past couple of years the exposure for so-called 'guitar bands' seems to have dramatically lessened. Now it seems many people are starting to claim that there is going to be a resurgence of this sound next year. While I do know or care much about that, I do know that Glasgow's Johnny Reb are a rock band with both the tunes and the talent to make a bit more noise in Scotland's predominantly folk laden landscape.

'Emile (Part One)' is one of a number of songs the band recorded with Boz Boorer (of Morrissey fame) in Portugal. It is based on events concerning the boxer Emile Griffith who murdered his opponent in the ring in 1962 after he was allegedly called 'faggot'. Musically, it is a frantic affair with thunderous drums and a singalong chorus. In a genre that can often feel homogenised, Johnny Reb have made my ears prick up and take notice for bringing a bit of imagination and life to the fold. Their debut E.P should be with us Spring 2011.

Johnny Reb - Emile (Part One)

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