Thursday, 28 October 2010

Y Niwl

Surfing is something I do not particularly associate with Wales and it was not until recently I found out that there is a large surfing scene on their beaches. With this in mind, surely it was only a matter of time before a band playing catchy Welsh surf music emerged. Y Niwl are one such band who tip their hat to 50's instrumental surf acts such as Dick Dale, The Ventures and Link Wray. Taking an old formula and making it sound fresh is a difficult task, but Y Niwl more than pull it off.

Catchy guitar riffs featuring the token surf twang are guaranteed to make you smile, if not dance. Y Niwl dodge the bullet that often comes when revisiting a dated genre in that they don't sound conceited or purposefully hip. Every song sounds like it was fun to make, and is in turn a delight to listen to. Which is can only be a good thing, right?!

Y Niwl first captured my attention when I heard them on the excellent Clound Sounds podcast. I can often find the constant seriousness and trend-adherence of bloggers and music types a drag so it was delightful to hear something so amazingly fun. However, it seems that the fan base of Y Niwl has grown since a reportedly thunderous set at Swn Festival. With their playfully addictive 7" EP 'Adreryn Papur' released last year and a debut album set for next month, music has just got a lot more fun.

Saith by Y Niwl

Un by Y Niwl

The next Y Niwl gig I am aware of is the aforementioned Cloud Sounds' Christmas Bash at Fuel, Manchester on 10th December. I am very tempted to make the wee trip down. SURFS UP! (ugh)

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