Monday, 25 October 2010

Keeping It Peel Day

Unfortunately I am too young to have experienced John Peel as fully as other bloggers, having only enjoyed the tail-end of his broadcasting career. However, his influence has reverberated to all corners of the alternative music world. We must ask ourselves if we would have as many podcasters, bloggers and hardworking DJs if it was not for him. His passion, hard-work and diverse musical taste epitomised everything that is right about music and about broadcasting. It is six years today since he died but certainly no one will be forgetting the big man anytime soon.

To show how important his later sessions were to me I have picked some ones I can remember being originally aired. I've chosen The Crimea as they were a band that I can particularly remember being tipped by John and a band I kind of fell in love with due to it. That kind of experience was so important to me when I was 15 and it is funny how I can still identify certain bands as 'Peel Bands'. I can't find their Peel Session anywhere so if someone has, email me. Oh, and a Wedding Present session thrown in. He would have wanted that I think.

Mull Historical Society - Mull Historical Society (Peel Session)

Bloc Party - So Here We Are (Peel Session)

The Crimea - Lottery Winners on Acid

Wedding Present - Flying Saucer (Peel Session)

Hung Over as the Queen in Maida Vale by Godspeed You! Black Emperor

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