Saturday, 19 December 2009

Rarities and B-Sides Saturday

So most blogs seem to have these things called 'features'. Colour me interested, riddle me aroused, I'm going to start doing these 'feature' things!

Every Saturday I am going to look into my Mary Poppins Bag-esque collection of music and find you some nice wee rarities and b-sides to listen to. So here we go:

Animal Collective - Polly (Nirvana cover)

Erm, I don't know how I have this or where it came from but it's quite nice and unusual. Here are some more unreleased tracks from the biggest band of the year;
Animal Collective - Judy Biworker
Animal Collective - Safer
Animal Collective - Kite
Animal Collective - Forest Children Risen
Animal Collective - The Purple Bottle (Stevie Wonder Cover)


Biffy Clyro - Drop It

Ahh, The Biff. This years Only Revolutions (which borrows its title from a great book by Mark Z. Danielewski, who also wrote 'House of Leaves', check them both out) will propel Biffy Clyro into stadiums rather than arenas, and deservedly so. This song was recorded during the Puzzle sessions and can be found on the bonus disk 'Missing Pieces'. It delves into more Bonnie 'Prince' Billy territory, someone who is name checked in 'Saturday Superhouse'; Will Oldham's in the corner moaning "Can't you write
your own lines"


Antlers - Two (live)

Ok, this isn't really a B-side or a rarity but I have to make something abundantly clear; HOSPICE BY THE ANTLERS WAS THE BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR. This live version of 'Two' from Peenko proves it.

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