Sunday, 27 June 2010

Meursault - Crank Resolutions (Live at Glastonbury)

I have two reasons for posting this video. One being that it is fucking brilliant and the other being that I feel it is the perfect response to the editorial piece written by Radar. The article asks whether or not the friendly and close knit nature of the Scottish music scene does more harm than good. I feel Meursault are a band who prove to be the antithesis of said article. Hard work by themselves and their record label lead to them gaining a small yet loyal fan base in Edinburgh. The momentum from this combined with more hard work and support from local press, bloggers and podcasters lead to them gaining recognition in the rest of Scotland, then Britain, Europe and now the world. They prove that the close knit community in Scotland can, infact, take a band further than if a dog eat dog type attitude or overly critical attitude was adopted. The community surrounding the band was even the focus point in an extremely favourable review from Pitchfork. Yes, we need to be honest with each other, but the amount of work some people put in and the support bands get from such a vast number of outlets in Scotland is something I feel should be praised not criticised.

intro at the start is new to me, but sounds absolutely amazing. Enjoy.


  1. The introduction was also seemed to be very new but now when read I found it wonderful.

  2. The intro is a hot-off-the-press, unrecorded new song that Neil hadn't planned for going up onto the BBC, but hey, it's up there now!

    When you watch the video you'll see the caption introducing Crank Resolutions doesn't come up until the songs change over and the beats start.

  3. Yeah. It is either going to be called 'The Young Gentleman's Guide For Maintaining Standards' or 'Kunt'. Most likely the former.