Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Have Fun At Dinner is GoingNorth

For the remainder of the week I will be covering the day-to-day going ons of GoNorth in Inverness.

For those of you unfamiliar with the event it basically curtails Inverness becoming a Mecca for people involved actively in the Scottish media industry. Digital, print, television, film, yet I am interested mostly in the largest part of the convention. The music.

Starting off with the GoNorth Fringe in The Ironworks on Wednesday, there will be seminars and panels on how to succeed in almost every single avenue of the music industry. The prolific Born To Be Wide" team will be conducting panels focusing on issues such as music management and how to self-manage your band and/or music. There are also daily showcases with equal amounts of up and coming and established bands partaking. Find the list here.

You can sign up to attend seminars and showcases at www.gonorth.biz under the delegates section.

Full listing of Born To Be Wide seminars;

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