Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Scottish Enlightenment - Little Sleep EP

I have somewhat of a strange love affair with The Scottish Enlightenment. When they released their debut single 'Eyes' back in 2007, I was an impressionable young 18 year old. 'Eyes' grabbed me so much that I wanted to delve deeper into the treasure chest that is the Scottish music scene. Lo and behold, three years on, I have fully embraced Scottish music and this is partly due to that one The Scottish Enlightenment song. After 'Eyes' things kind of went a bit quiet for the band, but last year they released song free tasters and my appetite was whetted once again. Then came along 'Pascal EP' which has been one of my favourite releases of the year so far. So how does 'Little Sleep' weigh up?

It is an EP you have to devote time to, that's for sure. The title track will grow on you in time as the unusually catchy chorus sinks into your consciousness while the thundering guitars have a certain dark warmth about them, which kind of lulls you into a sense of wanting more. 'Get My Limousine' is a patient affair, tumbling along slowly, with their token self-deprecating and insecure lyrics about the pitfalls of busting your gut in a criminally underrated indie band. The real turning point is 'Drip Feed'. It reminds me of when I first heard the Fugazi song 'I'm So Tired', due to it being so far from their token sound, yet it could never be by any other band. Built on a catchy piano hook and with superbly intriguing and haunting lyrics it is certainly the stand out track on 'Little Sleep'. 'When You Hate Me' returns back to the less immediate feel of 'Get My Limousine', while closer 'Saint Germain is Thick Tonight' is a fairly upbeat number for the band.

Upon receiving this album I thought it was going to be cast-offs from 'St. Thomas' - their upcoming album - but how wrong I was. 'Little Sleep' stands on its own as a great EP with some of the bands strongest tracks yet in 'Drip Feed' and 'Get My Limousine'. Show this record patience and you are bound to be rewarded.

<a href="http://thescottishenlightenment.bandcamp.com/track/get-my-limousine">Get My Limousine by The Scottish Enlightenment</a>

<a href="http://thescottishenlightenment.bandcamp.com/track/drip-feed">Drip Feed by The Scottish Enlightenment</a>

'Little Sleep' is out now via the brilliant Armellodie Records. Please support the artist.

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