Sunday, 16 May 2010

[VIDEO] There Will Be Fireworks - 'Ash Wednesday' + 'This Feels Like..'

Sorry I've not posted for a wee while. To kick start me off again is the newest installment of the brilliant They Shoot Music Don't They Scottish Special. Previous sessions featured Meursault, Withered Hand, Ballboy and Beerjacket. Now it is There Will Be Fireworks' turn.

Filmed on top of a Glaswegian rooftop, both songs feature a new sound for the band. A folk tinged, restrained approach had now been adopted in favour of their token post-rock quiet/loud sound. They mentioned previously that they were working on their follow-up and it was going in two directions and therefore producing two albums. I've been told that this is no longer the case. Perhaps this is the sound they have settled for?

Ash Wednesday

This Feels Like..


  1. Could anyone post lyrics to this song? I am struggling with the accent in a few places. Beautiful song though.

  2. I think that this is wonderful, the videos are so cool , this kind of music , so good!!