Tuesday, 27 April 2010

[Gig][MP3] Jonquil - Pillow Quest

Most of the gig guides for this week have omitted the Jonquil gig at The Roxy Room in Edinburgh on the 1st. They are also supporting fellow Oxford band Foals on Sunday 2nd at ABC in Glasgow. I really like them. So aye, get on it. Here's a track.

Jonquil - Pillow Quest [MP3]

Monday, 26 April 2010

[GIG] Peenko vs. Ayetunes at Captain's Rest

If you are not doing much this Friday you should pop down to Captain's Rest for Peenko vs. Ayetunes. The gig will feature the synthy madness of Mitchell Museum, the poppy greatness of Kid Canaveral and the rocky sonicness of Campfires in Winters. The latter promise to do some covers of one band with a type of scared animal in their name, and one band named after a hotel for dairy products.

Tickets are £4 in advance and £5 on the door. So it is well worth it. Peenko, Jim and I may even give you a three-way hug if you are unlucky. Starts at 8pm.

Afterwards you can go and watch Lloyd from Peenko DJ at The Flying Duck for 'Pinup Nights'. He will probably just play N-Dubz over and over again so if you want to listen to some decent DJs then don't fret because Nick from Radar, Ed from 17 Seconds, Glasgow Podcart folk and The Pop Cop will be also spinning some tunes for your enjoyment.


Sunday, 25 April 2010

[Scandinavian Sundays] Band to Watch - Idiot Kid

For my Scandinavian Sunday post today I've decided to urge everyone to listen to the Swedish band Idiot Kid. I was introduced to them a couple of weeks ago by Swedish music connoisseur Rich Thane (who kindly points me to so much great stuff). He described them as 'the more melancolic side of Loney Dear'. I can't really put it any better than that myself. Their album 'Darkness in Our House' is full of gorgeously timid lullaby-esque songs, check it out.

[MP3] Idiot Kid - Wide Awake

Monday, 19 April 2010

[MP3] Frightened Rabbit - Living In Colour (Andreas Lust Remix)

Frightened Rabbit - Living in Colour (Andres Lust Remix) [MP3]

[Review] eagleowl - Into the Fold EP

When a band describes themselves as anti-noise or anti-drum many it is assume the music to follow would be delicate and, naturally, quiet. Edinburgh based eagleowl have been honing this craft for a good while now and are set to release their third EP, 'Into the Fold', on April 30th.

The title track is a 6 minute lo-fi lament. Bart Owl's quiet and timid vocals are reminiscent to those on the bands most famous song 'Blanket', in that they add a layer of intrigue and heartbreak to the song. Slowly strummed guitar accompanied by strings add to the odd euphoria of this slow-paced folk, letting it creep into your brain and stay there. Contrast this with 'Morpheus' and you get a stark juxtaposition of moods. 'Morpheus' is relatively upbeat for the band, featuring looping ukelele and far more urgent vocals, while still retaining a haunting quality. A lo-fi folk lullaby if you will. The beautiful instrumental 'Ear Hats' makes the perfect transition between 'Morpheus' and the slower paced 10 minute long 'No Conjunction', which is far similar to the title track. This wraps the EP up with a nice sense of coherence, giving it listenability and attainability.

Eagleowl may, for some, be a difficult band to get into. 'Into the Fold' is undeniably beautiful, delicate and yet it packs a punch (albeit a slow one, a John Woo punch) straight to the heart and ears of any listener. Their best yet. As the climatic vocals in 'No Conjunction' say 'when you get there don't look back'.

Stream the whole of 'Into the Fold' here

Sunday, 18 April 2010

[Scandinavian Sundays] - Museum of Bella Artes remix Liquid Vega

English electro-pop outfit Liquid Vega will release their new single, "Dead Sun", tomorrow via the Swedish label Force Majeure. I'm not a massive fan of Liquid Vega but this epic space-disco remix by Swedes Museum of Belles Artes makes me want to take a whole load of drugs and then vomit on myself while telling everyone I love them.

Liquid Vega - 'Dead Sun' (Museum of Belles Artes remix) [MP3]

[Scandinavian Sundays] Scandinavian Covers

Here are some brilliant covers by some Scandinavian bands, you have probably stumbled across a few;

Oh No Ono & When Saints Go Machine - 'My Girls' (Animal Collective cover, will probably take you to another page, but it is worth it!)

Taken By Trees - 'My Boys'(Animal Collective & Wolf Parade cover) [MP3]

Sondre Lerche - 'Let My Love Open The Door' (Pete Townsend cover)

Jens Lekman & Tracey Thorn - Yeah! Oh Yeah! (The Magnetic Fields cover)[MP3]

Lykke Li - Knocked Up (Kings of Leon cover)[MP3]

[CHECKING IN] Going to make more time for something I love.

I don't understand how some Scottish music folk find the time to write, organise and promote all the wonderful things they do. Now, I'm not going to indulge myself in a self-indulgent moan, as this is more of an apology. I feel I have neglected this wee bloggy and it is looking back at me all sad and withered. I'm still averaging 2 or 3 gigs a week, which I feel is essential as there is nothing more hypocritical than folk trying to help bands and a music scene and then never go to shows. Yet, I know I've not been writing/helping out bands as much as I would like to as I'm just knackered all the time. Working 28-plus hours on top of 20-plus university hours is pretty fucking exhausting. I also now understand why most bloggers and the likes are in their 30's, as the constant pressure of pleasing your copious groups of needy friends is also hard; 'aw, Ian, but there is like this pure banging tidy bird going tonight, I need you to wingman the shit out of me and talk about Balzac or something to impress her. Essentially, you are the teasing horse and I am the breeding stallion ready to swoop in after you have riled her up'. Great! Then there is the personal stuff. After going through a shit time you don't really feel much like writing about some 7" that you think is 'just alright'. But I shouldn't bother at all if I'm only going to half-ass it. So things need to change.

I have to say I really admire and take my fucking hat off to folk like Lloyd from Peenko, Matthew from Song, By Toad, Will from Define Pop (goes to more shows than anyone I've ever met), Jim from Ayetunes (although, he has plenty of fucking time on his hands), Portis Wasp, Elba Sessions team, the Detour Scotland folk, all of whom put a whole load into promoting Scottish music. I really do salute them loads as they will no doubt sacrifice a lot of things to be as good as they are. There is some blogger hubris going on with some folk, which is tedious, but in general Scottish music and correlating media-outlets are in a really healthy way. Which is great.

Now, here is the plan. I've got some stuff in the pipe-line which is dead exciting, but I'll hold off on announcing it just now. I'm going to try to post once or twice a day, and I promise not to neglect my little blog any longer. I still write for the The Line of Best Fit and focus mostly on Scottish music, which hopefully will give some bands a bit more exposure as the site probably gets more hits than all Scottish blogs put together, or something like that. The internet confuses me. Nodes and porn. Nodes and porn. Also, a new A Glass Of Scotch Compilation is coming very soon.

Aye, so basically, sorry for being shit lately. I'm going to rectify this. Pound it, peace, have fun at dinner.

Billy Bragg - To Have And To Have Not

Sunday, 11 April 2010

[Scandinavian Sundays] The Radio Dept. - Clinging To A Scheme

The Radio Dept. are one of the main reasons I fell completely in love with music from Sweden (and Scandinavia). I pounced on their new album 'Clinging To a Scheme' when iTunes incorrectly posted it for sale and release, it was originally due out on the 19th of April. An error I won't be complaining about, because 'Clinging To a Scheme' is their best album to date.

Stepping away from their token atmospheric and visceral sound, The Radio Dept. opt instead for a far more ambient and restrained approach. Swapping their layered guitars for layered synths and meaty-to-sparse drum hooks, 'Clinging To a Scheme' is definitely an album which could shift interest in the band from long time fanatics (such as myself) to a wider audience as songs such as 'David' (previously released on last years EP of the same name), 'Heaven's On Fire', 'Never Follow Suit' and 'Memory Loss' could (and should) appeal to a larger audience with their laid back and lush grooves. I'm just glad The Radio Dept. have made an album they have been building up to since 1995. The end result certainly justifies the wait.

Album out, properly, on 21th via Labrador

The Radio Dept - Heaven's On Fire[MP3]

The Radio Dept - Never Follow Suit

The Radio Dept - David

[Scandinavian Sundays] New Mary Onettes-The Night Before The Funeral

The excellent Swedish music site Tram 7 have posted a free mp3 of a new Mary Onettes song 'The Night Before The Funeral'. It's what we've come to expect from the Swedish quartet, dream-pop at it's very best. Get it here.

[Scandinavian Sundays] The Forest & The Trees

The Forest & The Trees

Stockholm based song-smith Joel Edin has a history of pairing up with women close to him. His previous project, The Tupelo Honeys, was just him and his sister Linn. Now he has teamed up with his wife Linnea in the form of The Forest & The Trees. Lush harmonies, thunderous drums, yet enough sincerity and subtlety to make them endearing, has got me hooked on their debut single 'To The Forest! (I Need Some Peace)'. Look out for it's release via ILL FIT, who have also signed one of my favourite Scottish acts, There Will Be Fireworks. Keep and eye out for the release of their self-titled debut, you won't want to miss it, trust me.

The Forest & The Trees - To The Forest! (I Need Some Peace) by ILL FIT

The Forest & The Trees - Escape by ILL FIT

Stream the album in full here

(thanks to @richthane)